Gemini season horoscope

Gemini encourages more local and short-term adventures, so dive into an incredible book in the comfort of your own home or plan a quick trip out of town. Sometimes inspiration is right under your nose or just around the corner.

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Time spent with friends and new associates is always a positive investment in yourself. You may feel especially inspired to be out and about this month.

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Happy Birthday Gemini! This is an excellent month for you to get adventurous! Shop the shade: no tan lines. Focus on your building blocks this month.

Gemini as Vines

You will be feeling extra empowered to set professional goals and get moving on them so make lists if necessary! Shop the shade: Happy Anniversary!

Get daydreaming this month Leo! What excites you and inspires you about life? Move in that direction.

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Shop the shade: Live. Meditate and slow your roll a bit, especially if you have been feeling weighed down or too in your head. A little extra sleep is always an instant mood booster. Shop the shade: No Room for the Blues. New beginnings color your month Libra, so get excited. Shop the shade: Aloha from OPI.

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Money is on your mind this month Scorpio. Set a budget and stick to it. You will be feeling extra productive and inspired to make big changes if necessary.

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You got this! So ride in confidence, you Virgo! Take the high road and leave some of your daily knick knacks behind.

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  • Self-control is all you need! Love is in the air, Sagittarius! Things might get intimate but being the charming sign that you are, you already know how to deal with it. While the Gemini season is full of energy, you might get a bag full of it. Channel it into something fruitful and the outcome will be ecstatic.

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    This is your time to have fun, make the most of it. You might even feel that your rom-com fantasies are coming to life. Way to go, Aquarius! While overthinking and day dreaming is your favourite past time, this is a perfect time to calm those nerves.

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    Reflect the positive energy around you which will inturn help you in evolving as a person. While Geminis can be a little difficult to deal with Hmm.. How is your Gemini season been so so far?