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Such dictums are mentioned in the classics that have only possible use in death charts and confirm the thought about the 7 th house and rebirth. Thus, normally rebirth indicated by the 12 th house and rebirth indicating by the 7 th house mutually opposing directions of the soul and both of these cannot happen. It is through the semen ruled by Venus that rebirth occurs.

For such people, marriage can cause spiritual growth and fulfilment. This works in a strange way in charts where Ketu in 7 th house or A7 and Venus in 12 th house or UL can give two spouses at the same time confirming the curse of Tulasi. Venus in the 6 th house from AL can show absence of marriage or separation from spouse while Ketu so placed shows a spiritual person who maybe cheated in relationships.

The native had a love affair in college and continued to date even after he was engaged to and married another lady second spouse. He has two sons from his first love from college and a daughter from his second spouse. The spouse know of each others existence and are doing everything to get each other out of the triad relationship. The native is immersed in this mess of a relationship all the time and the spiritual path is quite disturbed or blocked as the mind does not have the time to dwell on this subject. In Chart 3, Ketu is in the 7 th house and Venus is not only the lord of Upapada but also aspects the Upapada in Libra.

The lady had a long standing boyfriend who was not financially stable and then she fell in love with an immigrant Indian who was much older than her. She was always suspected of continuing the relationship with the old boyfriend, which is evident due to the presence of the curse of Tulasi see Chart 1. Her husband was a top executive in a company and got her a consulting contract in the company so that they could live together. When the question of child came up, she took a transfer to another continent and later divorced him.

When behind the Sun it shows sexual immaturity and indulgence whereas when ahead of the Sun it shows sexual maturity and abstinence in general. The native of Chart 4 is a confirmed bachelor, has practiced celibacy throughout life and has dedicated his life to social service and the nation.

Venus in A7 in the Charts 2 and 4 of Prabhupada and Bhanuji was responsible for curtailing their sexuality and they would strive to renounce the same completely. In Chart 5 Venus is in the second house showing a lacy of sexuality either for self or spouse. Note that Venus is in the 2 nd house from both lagna and Sun. He was a celibate throughout life. It is trines to its dispositor and lagna lord Saturn which is also the 12 th lord. However on seeing her spiritual honesty, he agreed to her staying with him in the temple on the condition of complete abstinence from any physical contact.

This would cause separation from spouse unless the relationship is strongly spiritual. He taught her everything he learnt from his various Gurus. Impressed by her great religious potential, he began to treat her as the Universal Mother Herself.


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Upapada is in Libra with the 7 th lord Jupiter promising a very good marriage and spiritual growth due to marriage. This spiritual growth should satisfy Ketu and the marriage would be blessed. Since Jupiter is 7 th lord and is in upapada this search shall begin after marriage and since the spirituality is coming through marriage Ketu shall not be averse to it. Sir according to me you are very good astrologer in the world.

I have seen many of your videos and have read many of your posts. Sir I am scorpio ascendant with Rahu in lagna.

Relationship & Marriage

I have ketu in 7th house in taurus and 7th lord Venus is in 11th house with Sun. Maharishi Parashara and Maharishi Jaimini as well attach much importance to the Arudha Padas of the signs and planets. The purpose of our present study is to assess the importance of Arudha Padas in predicting marriage prospects and examining marriage compatibility. It will indicate the Maya, or illusion connected to that entity.

Arudhas of the houses will indicate the illusion or perception of others about the areas of life of the native, and Arudhas of the planets will indicate his illusion or perception about the entities indicated by the planets. Calculation of Arudha Pada: Count the number of signs from the sign to its lord in a clockwise direction both inclusive.

Then count the same number of signs forward from the lord and the sign arrived at will be the Arudha Pada of that sign. Arudha Pada of a planet is calculated as follows: Count the number of signs from the planet to the sign owned by it in a clockwise direction and count the same number forwards from the sign. The sign arrived at will be the Arudha Pada of the planet. Addition 1. For the calculation of Graha Padas also the stronger sign should be taken into account for planets ruling two signs.

Addition 2. The proper analysis of these Padas is very essential for correct predictions, as we live in the world of Maya illusion , where most of the things look different than they are in reality. It would be logical, therefore to take into account the Arudha of the 7th house, which is called Darapada.

Marriage Astrology

But we should note here, that the 7th house may not only refer to legal married relationships, rather some other relationships are also indicated like business partnership, travel companions etc. And also sexual contacts out of marriage may be indicated by this house. So when referring to the Darapada Arudha of the 7th house we will receive indications about all these things. And even within marriage the Darapada will more indicate the physical contact with the wife, rather than her role as a wife. Therefore the Maharishis advise to analyse the Upapada Arudha of the 12th house for receiving proper indications about the marriage and its outcome.

We may note the principle that the 2nd house from any house will indicate the Phalam fruits or results of that house. Therefore we look at the 8th house for the success or failure of marriage in the long run. Similarly, the indications of the 2nd house from the Upapada will even more vividly indicate the outcome of marriage. The auspiciousness of Upapada confers on the native happiness from his wife, son etc. If the Upapada is occupied or aspected by benefics, the native will achieve full happiness with the above.

As marriage is related to Dharma, the Sun and Ketu are not malefic towards the Upapada. If the 2nd house from Upapada has benefics in it, aspected by them or is in a benefic sign, then the native will have happiness form his wife. But if the same house is occupied by a planet debilitated in Rasi or Navamsha, or a malefic planet, the native will be the destroyer of his wife. If the 2nd from Upapada has a planet exalted in Rasi or Navamsha, or is aspected by an exalted benefic then the native may get a charming and virtuous wife.

If the 2nd from Upapada has malefic aspects or conjunctions, the native loses his wife or renounces the world. But the aspect or conjunction of benefics will prevent this indication from manifestation. Gemini in Upapada or 2nd from it gives more than one wife.

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Exalted planets in the 2nd from Upapada give many wives or a long-lived wife. If the Sthira Karaka for spouse Venus for wife and Jupiter for husband is in own house, the native will be devoid of wife in his later years. If the lord of Upapada or Sthira Dara Karaka is exalted, the wife is from a noble family, and if debilitated then she is from a low class family.

If benefics are present in Upapada or 2nd, the wife will be beautiful and virtuous. Saturn and Rahu in the 2nd from Upapada indicate giving up the wife due to a scandal or death. Mercury and Ketu indicates breakage of bones, while Rahu, Saturn and Sun indicate raging fever. Mercury and Rahu in 2nd gives a stout bodied wife, Mercury with Ketu give a corpulent spouse. Sun and Mars in the signs of Mercury or Mars give nasal disorders. Jupiter and Saturn give disorders of ears, eyes and nerves.

हरे राम कृष्ण

Mars and Mercury in other than own signs or Rahu and Jupiter give dental problems. If benefics conjunct or aspect the above combinations, the evil effect will not manifest. Darapada in quadrant or trine from the Arudha Lagna gives blessings of Sri Devi prosperity and good fortune , but in other houses it makes the native unfortunate. The Darapada in quadrant or trine from Arudha Lagna will also give marital harmony and physical compatibility.

The Darapada in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses from Arudha Lagna makes the couple inimically disposed towards each other. It is aspected only by exalted Saturn. So the marriage was long, still it ended in separation, as Srila Prabhupada took sannyasa and left his family. The 2nd from Upapada is also aspected by the same two benefics, Venus and Mercury, but these planets are in the 6th from Arudha Lagna thereby causing Viparita Pravrajya yoga. So these planets did not prevent him from taking sannyasa, rather forced him to do that, but he did not become lonely or unhappy by doing that.

He was divorced once and is getting divorced for the second time.

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Still he is having faith in the possibility of a good marriage due to the aspect of benefics Venus, Mercury and Moon on the 2nd from Upapada. After thus assessing the prospects for marriage from the charts of both the prospective bride and groom, we could go on to finding the factors for marriage compatibility. I do not wish to delve on this subject now in detail, as the purpose of our study is different.

Undoubtedly, the compatibility of the Moon signs is vital if we expect the couple to have mental and emotional happiness in their marriage, as the Moon is the natural karaka for the mind, emotions and happiness.

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