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What gift can I do to my gemini girl on Valentine's day? Well, here's how you could go for the day of February 14, in love but also in erotic and sexual and according to your zodiac sign. The forecast for the feast of love are calculated taking into account the presence of Venus and Mars in the astrological chart of the fateful day that will be in the sign of aries.

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At the end of each prediction will also find a link to go to read such gifts could be good for the sign in question and does not end here because immediately after the descriptions found quite a fun game on the affinity of torque that makes use of the names and surnames and 4 items to deepen the discussion in love for all 12 zodiac signs. Happy reading! So be very careful with the quarrels, try to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding during this important day dedicated to love and after dinner give the maximum of your energy in bed, satisfying the energies of the partner.

It must be said that the sexual energies are not at an excellent level but Valentine's Day is the party of lovers and it is the joys and emotions that come tonight that are very important for you and for the person you love. Very sweet evening. All this means that today the day of lovers can be little fun and not very emotional in terms of sentimental sex but at night it can bring sparks. But you must absolutely dialogue with the person you love and then a nice dinner, a good movie, some exchanges of ideas, before going to bed and become lions.

Certainly even today a very small argument can arise. You must try to remain very calm because even Mars, with its squaring, creates a climate of strong tension and so if your relationship of love lives a period of difficulty, in this party of lovers you will not be able to really solve anything. Quarrels very probable and also for nonsense and it would be better not to go to dinner but stay at home alone because discussions can come.

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  • Inside you passion is very alive and Mars provides lots of energy that must find an outlet at an erotic level but try to give emotions and joys even outside the bed to the person you love. A nice dinner in a little known restaurant is an ideal thing today. Here is the best thing to do today but in particular this evening, is to give emotions to the sentimental partner without thinking too much about sex, which is now a secondary thing for you who want serenity in love. Satisfactory gifts. In short, the party of lovers could bring a feeling of sentimental malaise, with small differences, a beginning of discussions and misunderstandings that should be set aside in the evening.

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    Even the opposition of Mars does not give great energy but, even under this sky is very likely to fight. Here the evening must be more romantic and less erotic. Try to win the heart of the person you love without thinking too much about sex and obviously do not forget to give a gift that gives emotions to the partner. A good movie to watch at home or at the cinema before going to dinner.

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    Surprise coming. In fact, even if Mars is in a good astrological position and gives so many erotic energies to exploit under the sheets, Venus is in your second astrological house and describes a day and an evening where you will be worried about all the money you are spending but thinking to the money you spend on the person you love, right now it's not a thing to do.

    Your partner will be happy to love you and support you in the best way they can, as long as you give them a chance to. Have you made an effort to hear the other out?

    Valentine's Day Horoscopes For February 14, 12222 For Each Zodiac Sign

    Let go of your preconceived notions and open the channel of communication. This is the only way to heal the wounds, both new and old. When baser emotions like anger and vengefulness get the better of you, remind yourself of the love that brought you together, that is both sacred and pure.

    The Universal Spirit is supporting to do away with all the things that are keeping you from growing and transcending together. Single Virgos discover that self-exploration is the path to fulfilment. Let the love that you have for yourself set the barometer for those who want to step into your space. But who am I outside of this relationship? And what are the things that are sacred to me?

    Daily Horoscope: February 14, 12222

    Put your adult pants on and express your need for space. Love is not the same as longing. Those who refuse to honour your divinity do not deserve a place in your world.

    https://zeppgrowtowbea.tk Setting the right intention before you put yourself out there will make you irresistible to love. When somebody is head over heels in love with you, it shows.

    Valentine’s Day 12222: Your love horoscope

    When somebody has too many tabs open, it shows too. If work commitments are posing as the third party in your equation, find a way to prioritise coupling. But you can only be on the same page provided you open the channels of communication that have been blocked. Your magic knows no bounds, Capricorn.

    Connecting with the beloved within is going to be your priority in the days to come. Continue to water each other and support growth. Aquarius, you are a magickal being—so full of love and light. The trouble is, you often forget your power. As a result, you make space for people who violate your boundaries and dim your light.

    Word for the wise: alchemise. The time to learn from your past mistakes is now. Illustrations by Shweta Malhotra Aries horoscope today The thing about loneliness is that it catches up with the best of us. Taurus horoscope today Ready or not, here comes the change! Gemini horoscope today Never go to bed angry, and if you do, ensure your partner wakes up to the smell of pancakes and strawberry compote.

    Cancer horoscope today When the world looks at you, they see a picture-perfect story. Libra horoscope today But who am I outside of this relationship?

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