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M November 13, Reply. Comment by deepthi August 19, Reply. Comment by anupama August 20, Reply. Tv9 Karnataka, No. Comment by kannadavedike August 20, Reply. A in sociology at christ collage i have one importent news about drugs adet people they are taken whitenr that is not onely taken gents small chidern aiso taking in bangalore plese contet me this my friend number.

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Comment by gayathri August 25, Reply. Comment by madava March 26, Reply. Comment by subramanyachari July 20, Comment by arun kumar August 26, Reply. Comment by humayun August 26, Reply. Comment by manjunatha bn August 27, Reply. I already paid all the installment and i have all installment paid receipts with me.

Comment by Jnanesh August 31, Reply. Comment by Kumar September 5, Reply. Comment by lokesh p September 7, Reply. Pls Can get in touch with use we do have some thing to share with all kanndigas all over the world if can pls feel free to contact the below mentioned address. Comment by D. Vinay Rao September 13, Reply. Please tell me whats the sloka deva deva most of the times heard on the back ground while showing lord Shiva in previous episodes. Comment by subhash September 14, Reply.


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Comment by Dee September 18, Reply. I appreciate your unbiased news telecasts. Our Hon. CM Mr. In fact Hindu organisations in India are getting more foreign funds and that money is meant for serving the poor in India. But some agency should keep a vigil on the usage of these funds. Are they given to the poor in India? I think the general public must come to know these facts and should not spoil their good feelings by listning to the speeches of some people.

Our good youth need to be educated in a positive environment inorder to have a positive attitude to love one another and live like brothers as we all the children of mother India. Jai Hind.

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  3. TV 9 KANNADA INDIA « Kannada, Kannadiga, Kannadigaru, Karnataka,.
  4. Comment by Johnsheen September 19, Reply. Comment by manohari November 30, Reply. Please let me know the TV9 email address or phone number, as in our area some issues is going on.. Please kindly help us… Thank you in advance…. Comment by john September 20, Reply. Comment by syed jalaluddin September 21, Reply. Country club is the biggest farud company. Please save the people from country club. Please enquire about this club and you will come to know…. Comment by Prakash chandra September 21, Reply. The country club sales persons will call you soon to make you bakra… Beware…..

    Comment by Gopalakrishna Bhat September 21, Reply. Comment by golden eagle September 21, Reply. Really condenm the atrocities on the minorities by who ever it has been done. Regarding The Bishops behaviour on the CM visit to the bishops house. Doesnot have the courtesy to even greet the CM into his office and vents his anger in the entrance itself. The Bishop who is head of all the priests, and the position known for peace should have set an example with a better behaviour and spoke about universal brotherhood and asking the CM whether he will feel good on any attacks on the hindu temples.

    One more thing regarding the showing the bishop shouting and screaming on the CM is the repeated broadcasting on the few moments for nearly 20 to 25 times. Doesnt TV9 have good people who could edit or the media to set an example on the showing the broadcast. The people who are working here are from middle class and we dont have the capacity to go and lodge a complaint to police station. Comment by Subhiksha staff's September 22, Reply. Comment by Prabhu September 23, Reply.

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    Comment by Prema October 7, Reply. Sir i could like to know about the health issue can i ask a questions from ladies club or is it meant only for ladies? Comment by ravi October 12, Reply.

    So we request you to kindly help us to make all this in a correct way ,Hoping your help will be for us. This is wrt to your show that was on the Oct I think the temple name was jeenugudu.

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    Comment by radha October 13, Reply. Comment by manju October 14, Reply. Myself Jayakumar. I am doing research on twins and their voice. Last week 4. I forgot the name of the place and school name or the address. If you can send me the detail of the address and if possible contact number it would be great help for me. Comment by Jayakumar. T October 15, Reply. Hello tv9, i need email id of astrologer krishnamurthy pls kindly do the need full as soon as possible. Comment by Nataraja October 18, Reply. Comment by bharath October 19, Reply.

    Hi, Shoba here: in ladies club as on 20th Oct a person had spoken about the reincarnation so i would like to the name and contact number of that person. Comment by Shoba October 21, Reply. Hi iam manjunath working in citibank as a SSE, i want sunday progremme heeguoonte adderss, please mail this adderss on my mail id. Comment by Avinsh October 31, Reply. Comment by Manjuanth N November 3, Reply. Comment by nandini November 6, Reply.