Taurus taurus cusp monthly horoscope

Broaden your sphere of influence! If your inner circle is feeling a bit claustrophobic, reach out to a wider audience.

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Lean in to that Scorpio charm and chat people up individually. Just let the facts speak for themselves. Of course, with nolimits Uranus in your sixth house of work and service, you may forget you have the power to say no. And today, the chaotic planet is sending a tense beam to the Mercury in your expansive ninth house. The message?

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Since the sixth house also rules your health, lightening your workload can have a positive effect on your stress levels! Your animal magnetism is off the charts today, Capricorn, so work that magic! Lead with love today, Aquarius! A warm-and-fuzzy mashup of your co-ruler, spontaneous Uranus, in your sentimental sector and expressive Mercury in your partnership sphere can deepen connections with your inner circle.

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  • Open up and share a story about yourself that lives in the vault. When people see that you have a vulnerable side too, they might be even more inclined to speak from THEIR hearts. Free-spirited Uranus in your third house of communication is in cahoots with savvy Mercury in your sixth house of hustle and service. Learn to forgive.

    Astrology cusps to anyone

    With adverse aspects, a tendency to hysteria, nerves or carelessness. If you were born between June 15th and 26th, you adhere to the principle of live and let live. You are pleasure seeking above and beyond mere material acquisitions and with a dynamic self-will, you are able to rebound from any setbacks of that nature.

    Usually there is someone ready and willing to assist you if you should come against hard times.

    Cusp Dates 1990 to 2000

    You need to watch a tendency to be overly opinionated. Born between July 16th and 27th, you can safely rely upon your wits to carry you through any adversities and you may be something of an intellectual genius. Both forceful and bold, you should check any tendency to be unscrupulous.

    A person of passion, it may be hard for you to let go of what you consider to be slights from others. You may need to loosen your need for perfect order in your environment.

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    It not only detracts from your own relaxation but from that of others as well. If you were born between August 16th and 27th, you have superb taste. For you it is first class all the way and you require only the very finest in both quality and style. Meticulously groomed and with a dramatic flair, you frequently find yourself in the midst of an adoring group of followers. A logical and thoughtful individual, you have a special appreciation for nature and for everything that grows. Born between September 16th and 27th, you are kind and unselfish and usually but not always practical.

    You are able to discern when someone has a real need for help and so you avoid being unnecessarily imposed upon. A devoted and loyal companion, you can easily direct your energies into creative and artistic pursuits to offset any dissatisfactions in your relationship. If you were born between October 17th and 28th, you are quite extraordinary. You have the special knack of being able to initiate plans as well as seeing them through to completion.

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    As if you had a hard time deciding to which side you tend the most? To the impulsive Aries or the loyal Taurus? It is not an easy choice! However, you can consider yourself extremely lucky to be among the select group of those Born on the Cusp. There is a very fitting example to explain astrology cusps to anyone new. To get the perfect temperature of water in winters, you mix the hot and cold to just the right amount. Zodiac signs work in quite a similar manner.

    Over the period that a sign exists, it does not have the same effect on all the days. Towards the start and end, the personality traits being offered by a sign are weaker as compared to the same right in the middle of the period. This leads to the birth of cusps. At a point where two zodiac signs coincide or change, it is a very strong possibility that the person born in this slot experiences the personality traits exhibited by both the signs. In strictly astrological terms, this period is three days around the change of zodiac signs.

    The Aries and Taurus cusp, as you may have guessed by now, talks about the period when the sun moves from Aries into Taurus, thereby changing signs and in the same period giving the people born, multiple sign personalities. You probably already know how the zodiac signs work.

    Aries/Taurus Cusp *New Year* Tarot Reading 2019

    Each celestial body, like the sun, moon, or other planets tend to change their zodiac sign after a certain period, and the sign they are in when a person is born is the one the person takes. These signs then move on to give a person a specific set of qualities, skills, emotions, and people have different names for it. The bottom line here is that everything happening in the universe is depending on the stars for its future outcomes. Astrology information about cusps is limited, but it is an exciting concept in itself. Starting from April 19 and ending on April 22, the period marks the Aries Taurus cusp, otherwise also known as the cusp of power.

    While it is important to maintain the order of the zodiac signs when talking of cusps, some people also refer to it as the Taurus Aries cusp, just so you do not get confused between the two.


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    In its entirety, this cusp has a significant influence on it by two planets, namely Mars and Venus, which tend to affect the personalities of the people born in it. It is a typical and signature characteristic of these people if one would ask astrology. Aries Taurus cusp gives its people the motivational drive to work on and weave everything they have got into their success.

    To better understand such people, think of a person with a thousand resources, who knows which one to use at precisely what moment in order to benefit himself. The stars have not just been merciful in giving power aplenty, but have also given the Aries Taurus cusp man the foresight to use it to his benefit. While on that subject, the Aries Taurus cusp woman is no less, and gets the same advantage as anybody else, lest someone take things differently!

    Taurus On The Cusp Of The 5th House

    Another interesting notion, one that you may have guessed from the patterns you noticed above is how the cusp takes inspiration from the stars. As it begins from April 19 th , the Aries Taurus cusp tends to favor Aries more than Taurus due to it being relatively close to that sign. However, this change and the April 22 nd zodiac tends to favor Taurus more than Aries. This is just like the hot and cold example we gave earlier, with Aries being the hotter extreme and Taurus being the colder extreme.

    Rest assured, being born on the cusp certainly does give you its advantages in the astrological as well as the real world.