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The afflictions symbolized by Mars are of his same nature. Since he rules metals and is considered violent, he generally describes open wounds from cuttings, gunshots or similar. On the other hand, given his hot nature, he rules fevers and inflammations. At this regards it is interesting to notice, that a synonym for the word "inflamed", at least in US English is angry The planet is associated with the bile which comes up to the mouth when we become angry or the stomach hurts. All expressions of rage are Martian. This includes the process of acidification in the body.

If we consume junk or frozen food or food otherwise denatured or eat habitually on the run, drink lots of coffee or are crazy for sweets, the body overacidificates, which means that the natural acid-base balance of the body is out of balance.

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If the toxins are not correctly eliminated from the body, they accumulate and can cause problems inherent to digestion because too much gastric acids damage the stomach. Gastrointestinal diseases, ulcers, tumours of the stomach or the acidosis are phenomena easily associable with the Martian principle since this planet rules the attractive faculty and in particular the astringent one.

Important nutritional factors are absorbed and the waste is prepared to be eliminated. When the attractive virtue is disturbed, the body either erroneously eliminates precious substances or doesn't absorb enough of them. Table 4 shows that the Marsian principle is always the same: an epidemic, a wound or abscess and thus an inflammation of the tissue underneath.

The gout for example is a kind of acute and painful inflammatory arthritis — red, tender, hot, swollen joints, 19 caused by crystal deposits of uric acid. The association of Mars with burns is rather obvious, perhaps it is less for migraine. As we have seen, Aries as the first sign of the zodiac rules the head. Since it is the domicile of Mars, headache is attributed to Mars.

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He describes an acute, deafening and pulsing pain. Since he both rules Aries head and Scorpio uterus , menstruation often goes hand in hand with migraine. But there are many vegetables directly associated with Mars which we can use to stimulate the properties he rules.

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On the one hand he is generally associated with vegetables which make other food more digestible such as garlic or ginger but also with vegetables which are difficult to digest, if not passed over the fire first, such as peppers. We further find everything which is spicy, such as chillies and horse radish. If we suffer from absence of appetite or slow digestion, we can help ourselves stimulating the Martian principle, just consuming associated vegetables as listed in the table below.

On the contrary, if we suffer from a ravenous appetite or other Martian afflictions, we can use the Venusian principle to calm them. Mars often governs partially poisonous plants such as tomatoes; the fruits are edible, but a fabulous insecticide and fungicide can be obtained from the leaves. Martian vegetables as well as herbs which we'll see later on , are generally recognizable by their pointed and sharp dark green and sometimes hairy leaves or by their pungent smell.

They love sunny places. Most fruits are associated either with Venus or Jupiter, while meat, which requires a long time for digestion, is ruled by Mars. Many diseases can be cured simply modifying the diet. Since thousands of years, traditional eastern medicine first detoxicates, then analyses the problem and finally re-arranges the diet. Medicine comes into play only afterwards. Besides the significators of the illness analysed earlier in this article, the last separating Moon aspect provides information about how the patient has fallen ill. The next aspect of the Moon describes the evolution of the disease.

The 17th Century physician and astrologer Richard Saunders comes up with the concept of the " semen morbificum ":. For the significators of the sick patient, take the Ascendant, his lord and the Moon and that planet or planets, which by conjunction, square or opposition afflicts those places shall be the true morbificant planets or significators of the disease, yet here it is to be noted that the principal effect herein is to be referred to the planets that afflict the Lord of the Ascendant, next the Moon and lastly the Ascendant, for a planet afflicting the Ascendant brings no notable detriment, except it be by conjunction … and although the sextile aspect of Saturn and Mars do also bring swome distemperance to the sick, yet it is so small.

That it is not equivalent to a square of Jupiter or Venus and therefore not much to be regarded, for overmuch scrupulosity in this art doth rather deviate a man from the true scope, than bring him ad Tramitem rectam. If the Moon is separating from Mars, the reason of the illness comes either from some kind of rage which is now reversed on the body or from an external aggression, e. If the disease is in the gall bladder or in the left ear, Mars afflicts these organs by sympathy because he rules them.

All the other organs, if their rulers are afflicted by Mars are said to be caused by him by antipathy. The same is true for all the other planets. Culpeper gives the example of Saturn in a disease linked to the bones or the spleen which he both rules. If he afflicts the 6th house or its ruler, the disease is caused by sympathy.

If the disease is in the bones and Mars aspects Saturn by a hard aspect, the disease is caused by antipathy since Mars does not rule the bones.

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  8. Another example is a problem with the uterus, ruled by Venus. If Mars afflicts Venus, the disease is ruled by Mars by antipathy. The distinction between antipathy and sympathy is fundamental in the selection of the right medicine. If the organ is ruled by Mars, the medicine must sympathise with Mars. Otherwise the remedy must sympathise with the organ afflicted and thus be antipathic to Mars. This is what Hahnemann centuries later called similia similibus.

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    After having individuated the illness and the semen morbificum, the appropriate medicine needs to be found. Thus, if the disease was in a Mars ruled organ, that organ had to be strengthened by sympathy, giving a Mars like medicine in agreement with the AC ruler and the sect light Sun or Moon. The official plants associated with Mars have an astringent, heating and detoxifying effect. The table on the right shows the most commonly known herbs. Among the herbs shown in the table, basil is probably the most commonly known, although few people know that it is not only tasty bust also carminative, diuretic and used as a stomachic, this is, basil stimulates the appetite.

    Also, Tarragon is well known, perfect in a vinaigrette or to flavour meat, as well as chives in a salad. The bitter wormwood liqueur can be drunken when the stomach hurts, rocket helps digestion, it's sufficient to eat some of the small leaves. Garlic and onions stimulate the appetite. Onion juice mixed with some honey is a very helpful remedy for a runny nose or slimy cough. This is a cure by antipathy: the onions help diminishing the phlegm, viz.

    Try to believe! It's not that bad. Far less known in our days is the use of nettles, a plant which perfectly describes the Martian principle: the leaves are very aggressive when touched, they burn the skin and thus stimulate the blood circulation, but they are also very healthy when eaten.

    The young leaves can be eaten either cooked, like spinach or fresh in a salad. This use has been practically forgotten in our countries, but in Greece nettles are still commonly sold in the supermarket. Nettles contain seven times more vitamin A than an orange and a great amount of magnesium. The plant is also an excellent source of proteins. But most of all, nettles make a very tasty tea. This is an old remedy for all problems linked to the urinary apparatus such as cystitis and stones.

    Furthermore it makes a both a strong insecticide and a fantastic fertilizer for plants which require a lot of nitrogen. Saunder's chart analysis is very short and he doesn't give any background information. Nevertheless, he does report what the woman was suffering from. I will use the chart to show briefly how to interpret a decumbiture, giving special attention to Mars' rule in it. For the significators of the sick patient take the AC, his lord and the Moon and those planets which by conjunction, square or opposition afflict those places shall be the true morbificant planets or significators of the disease.

    Aries are leaders who set the way with their quick, competitive outlook.

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    Ayurveda also suggested Daiva Vyapashraya Chikitsa which includes of Manidharana and chanting Mantras. Astrological sciences suggest 10 types of remedial measures in the treatment of diseases.

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    This science considers that causative factors of various disorders are the Navagrahas nine planets. The influence of the planets on various procedures like drug processing, bath taking, performing Yajna , wearing Ratna , etc. Drugs processed in Chandra Nakshatra acts as ambrosia and subdues Tridoshajanya Vyadhi. Medicated baths are suggested for diseases engendered due to involvement of different planet effects viz.

    In a close scrutiny it appears that Jyotishashastra Siddhanta can play crucial role in the management of chronic diseases.