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Donate whole black gram and iron. Rahu Worship Goddess Saraswati. Perform kanya dan or help a needy person in getting his daughter married. Ketu Worship Lord Ganesha.

Donate a cow and sesame. Precautions For The Happiness Of Family 1 Keep away 3 morsels of food from your plate to be offered to cow, crow and dog. Make sure that the amount of chapaties should not be less; the size could be reduced. Drop the water in the morning in the place where it is not disgraced. It shall be extremely dangerous to act against it.

The 12 Astrological Houses: Interpreting Your Birth Chart Beyond the Zodiac

Tips for Children 1 If first child dies then it is advised that a red thread should be tied on the woman's arm soon after she conceives. Remove the thread from the arm when the child is born and tie to the new born child. A fresh thread should be tied on the mother's arm and it should continue there for 18 months. Let the expectant mother touch the objects to be donated.

Soon after the child birth the container should be sent to a temple.

HOUSES IN ASTROLOGY - Barbara Goldsmith

Be careful that the container should not be taken back. The utility of the container affects the result. It shall help in smooth birth of the child. Air flight is predicted through Jupiter and sea voyage through Moon. The journey in general or any such changes are studied from the position of Ketu. It is not necessary that he shifts on promotion; he may even have to shift over due to illness but the shifting shall be eventually fruitful.

Precautions for the Happiness of Family 6 If the 2nd and the 6th house are favourable, the person shall live a happy life with his family. He shall be promoted but not necessarily transferred. If there is a journey then it shall be beneficial. Useful Tips for Selecting a Suitable Bridegroom 1 A person is likely to abandon his wife and children in his youth, if Saturn is placed in the I Ith house. A similar situation is faced if Jupiter or Venus is in the 10th house and Jupiter or Moon are placed in the Lagna.

If the result are negative, the person should drop coconut and walnut in flowing water. A silver plate could also be hid in a hole dug in a corner of the house. The person might be benefited in business and contractorship. To avoid evil effects, objects related to Ketu should be buried in ground. It is advised to make clay toys or indulge in laying mud on roads, i. A business related to Venus shall.

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Although the change may not be very noticeable but the person shall get the help from some source when it shall be required the most, at the time of distress. The person should opt for the business related to concrete and mud. The business of road construction, house or toys shall be profitable. It is suggested to have faith in God and perform some religious task. If they are placed in the 12th house and give evil effect then it is advised to please Saturn. He should donate objects related to it.

The natal is advised to serve the parents and feed 10 blind people. If the person is nonvegetarian and consumes alcohol, Sun shall become furious. The natal may not have any children. The natal is advised to take up the business related to Moon. Business related with Ketu will be beneficial for children.

Venus is favourable for business to his wife but if the occupation is related to Sun he shall prosper and emerge as victor. Its distance from earth is approximately 15 crore kilometers. The Sun completes its movement around its orbit in thirty days.

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It spreads light and warmth on all sides by means of its rays. According to the Puranas Sun is the son of the saint Kashyap and Aditi. He is the lord of the sky whose chariot is drawn by seven horses. The colours of the horses are seven which are reflected in rainbow. The chariot has only one. The chariot is always on the move driven by Arun. The Sun's wife is Sangya. Sun has two children from his wife Sangya, a son called Yam and daughter Yamuna. Saturn is also his son from his other wife called Chhaya. The Sun changes its house on the auspicious day called Sankranti.

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Mode of Worship The special day for worshipping Sun is the seventh day of the Shukla Paksha of every month. Sun is worshipped specifically on the sixth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartika to beget a good son. It is prayed by invoking Gayatri Mantra Characteristics of Sun A man under the influence of Sun has a very strong, grave and impressive personality.

His height is more than average but he is not tall, with scanty hair and copper complexion. Ile has strong bones and long and sturdy arms. The eyes are honey coloured with a sparkle of a lion but lack ferociousness. The face is elongated and wide. Such a man possesses good temperament and keeps away from vices. The Sun is acidic and sharp in nature. Hence such people are impressive and hot tempered, but outwardly they seem to be innocent.

They are very ambitious but normally speak little.

Results of Planets in Various Houses

If Sun is malicious the person becomes arrogant, outspoken, hypocrite, brutal and ill tempered. Relation with zodiac and other planets Sun is the lord of zodiac Leo but its exalted sign is Aries and debilitated sign Libra.

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  8. The sun is a grand, benevolent king. Its presence causes day. It is compared to the soul in the human body. It is always on its move. Moon, Mars and Mercury are its essential parts with which it gives favourable results. Jupiter gets its wisdom and fortune from Sun. The Sun sustains life on the earth. The Sun remains neutral when it is with Mercury.

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