Sylvia browne gemini horoscope

The more you can stay in an open childlike innocence the better. Venus in your 2nd house of money, resources, solid values.

Over value instead of under value yourself. Go to a spa and chill. Time to splurge on something beautiful-Venus loves art and all things of grace good taste. You will be attracted to others for their charm and beauty and not just their functionality and hard-working ethics. Venus in your 1st house of SELF.

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Well your natural charm, social graces and style will make you absolutely irresistible. Others will be attracted to you in droves and will want to enroll in your charm school. You should write a book. Indulge yourself in extravagant beauty, arts, social scenes as you can, that will pay off later.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

MAke sure they have the bucks to indulge you. Venus in your 12th house of secrets, the shadow, hidden enemies. Now this is very close to your own natural Scorpio nature. Venus in Libra also adds a lighter side to your natural intense heavy nature. You may find this perplexing. BE careful of your words they may come back to haunt you. Venus in your solar 11th house allows you to let your freak flag fly. It brings new loves into your life through organizations you may belong to or join.

Meeting many different types of people always fascinates you and this will be a time filled with that. You can be attracted to someone for their radically different point of view. So get out there and mingle, network, take new classes. Also a time to receive love and praise. Teach by being part of the team. Venus in your solar 10 th house of FAME. Venus in your solar 9th house, brings you exotic foreigners, long distance lovers. Go to Burning Man. Extra ordinary lovers come into your life.

You will connect to people through online dating or meet them in unexpected, strange ways. Revolutionary comrades in arms share brave new thoughts and ideas about changing thew world for the better and contributing to the tribe. Meeting new loves through school, educational seminars, meet ups, classes etc. Seek out new connections at sporting events, political meetings, community gatherings, around pets, go horse back riding, support animal rights activists. Venus in your Solar 8th house. The 8th house is one of Deep intense sex, mystery,power games and longing for soul mates.

But relationships may frustrate you now as you are more spiritual, sensitive and clingy than Venus in Libra tends to be. Venus in Libra will teach you detachment, a bit of distancing and judgement is balancing. This is a good thing for you. Venus in Libra can be skin deep beauty. Appreciate it for what it is. Wait for Venus to enter Scorpio.

Libra October 12222 Horoscope:

PLease check out coming soon online astro relationship courses. Next stop is in 9. You will need candles incense a notebook and some gemstones, rose tea, or rose water. If you don't have diamonds-. Play soft music, burn sweet incense, use proper color candles.

August - Gemini

Sit in circle with your gemstones, compose them into the pentagram corners shape. If you are in a relationship that seems stale, then ask to breathe new life into it, new passion, new dimensions,. Then sit and breathe deeply relaxing more and more. Next station on the pentagram is Nov.

We are one octave above the recent which felt like a very profound shift in consciousness to me from my experience of it in Sedona Arizona, one of the major high spiritual energy places on the globe. All doubled numbers are master numbers. The initiate. Symbolized as both the zero point and the end point, the Alpha and the Omega, visualized by the 22nd Trump in the Tarot, The Fool, the wise one.

The 22 is very special to me personally; it resonates with me for a number of reasons. Moe about that later. Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Nov A partial solar eclipse, which will not be visible to most of us in the Northern Hemisphere occurring over the Antarctic. Event though partial all Solar Eclipses are powerful New Moon turning points. The effects of an eclipse last long and are far reaching especially in a Sagittarius. This New Moon is also the 6th and final Super Moon on At 2 degrees and change of Fiery Sagittarius, the eclipse points literally as the Centaur points his arrows, to the Galactic Center, to higher truth, sacred law, freedom, the infinite, the beyond.

The Sun, Moon, North Node, Mercury, planet of communications just recently turned Retrograde yesterday and Venus, Herself just past the point of the Galactic center at 28 degrees of Sag. That's 5 for FIRE. The New moon chart includes an Earthy Grand Trine. Besides the quintuple Fire there's also very earthy grounded Grand trine with Mars at 6 degrees of Virgo, Jupiter Retrograde at 1 degree of Taurus and Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn.

Very nice energy for early degree of earthy signs.

Something to do with analyzing and cleaning up your act to be sure. The message is to keep your hoofs firmly on the ground. Speaking of Hooves,. CHIRON another famous Centaur known as the Wounded healer, is also at one degree of Pisces, squaring the Sun and Moon, and opposite Mars making what is called a mutable sign T-square which brings in compassion, healing, the ability to work on the issues diligently and have some earthy patience.

Wherever the sign of Sagittarius falls in your chart, even if you have no planets, angles or anything in Sagittarius, it exists in your chart, in your blueprint somewhere. The 9th house of Sagittarius is the 3rd and final fire sign, is always honest, always adventurous, mystical, the traveler the wanderer, the seeker, the historian, the philosopher, the judge, the teacher, the mage, the good humoured, one who wants to understand everything in the Universe.

Did we mention klutzy, omits details, a law unto themselves, hypocritical, judgemental, bored with earthy details, loves to travel, the exotic, impatient, doesn't need to validate how or why they just Know, suffers from hoof in mouth disease?

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Check your ascendant and Moon sign if you know them. The eclipse Trines your sun.

This is good, the Xtreme New Moon amps up your energy and libido. Travel; go back to school, take courses, and network. Learn a foreign language. Expand your business. Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are a potent and heady cocktail. Get inspired, create now. Live outside of your comfort zone. Sagittarius wants you to live a little, take a risk.